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About Smobs
Smobs are game assets that communicate with other game assets right out of the box, regardless of who created them. You can create all your game logic by simply using the drag-n-drop method and since all Smobs are compatible with each other, you'll never have to modify any code in order to get them to work. Game development has never been easier.
Contact Information
You can connect with the makers and community of Smobs in several ways. We're glad to respond to feedback.
Frequenty Ask Questions about Smobs
Why should I use Smobs?
Because you want to spend more time designing and less time programming.
How do I use Smobs?
Almost all Smob assets have events. When you drag a Smob onto one of these events, you will be presented with a list of options that can be performed.
Is there a demo scene?
We've given you something even better! We've created video tutorials on how to use each and every Smob Prefab that's included. You can access them by clicking on the blue help icon on each Smob Script Component. You can also access the tutorials by visiting our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCJdJW7KVZm-VCGaVc9mFbA.
Is there a manual?
There is a Developers Manual included in the Smobs Starter Pack. It is located in the "Assets" folder. If you are needing instructions on how to use a particular Smob, simply click on the help icon on the Smob Script Component and you will be directed to a video tutorial for that specific Smob.
How do I get help with a particular Smob?
There is a help link in the designer panel which links to a YouTube tutorial video for that particular Smob, if the video has been published. We are in the process of making individual tutorials. They will become available on our YouTube channel gradually, until every Smob has a tutorial. If a Smob does not yet have a tutorial, the help link will take you to a generic Smobs tutorial video.
Will there be any updates?
There will be many future updates to the Smobs Starter Pack, including adding additional assets and functionality as well as improving the efficiency and performance of existing ones. There will be updates to the Smobs Developers Manual as well.
Can I make Smobs?
Absolutely! We strongly encourage everyone who has the required skills to create Smobs. The more variety of Smobs there are available on Unity's asset store, the more creative and productive everyone can be. Just be sure not to include the Smobs API in your submissions to the Unity Asset Store as it is not permitted, but do mention that the Smobs API is required.
What if I have an idea or suggestion?
We believe there is a lot we can learn from people just like you, so if you have any ideas or suggestions for us, we would definitely love to hear about them. Anything we can do to improve the Smobs system is of great value to us. We gratefully welcome your feedback at smobstutorials@gmail.com.